How to Play Gaple and Tips & Tricks for Playing Gaple to Win

How to Play Gaple and Tips & Tricks for Playing Gaple to Win

Playing Gaple You may be familiar with this one game. Gaple, which is also played using a domino card, is indeed commonplace to be played, especially in Indonesia. The easy-to-understand way of playing Gaple makes this game busy to be played by both young and old alike. Gaple is generally often played when hanging out with friends because this game is also very fun to play together.

Even though how to play Gaple is quite easy, to win it is not that easy. But don’t worry because there are tricks to play gaple that can increase your winning percentage in this game. Want to know how? Continue to listen to this one article.

Complete Guide on How to Play agen gaple and Tips & Tricks for Playing Gaple to Win
In one or two times watching the game play you will probably understand it right away. But to make sure you really understand all the rules in this game, we will explain how to play domino gaple. Below is a guide to playing gaple that you must understand before listening to the tricks of playing gaple.

Guide on how to play Gaple
The gaple game is played using domino cards, where 1 domino card set consists of 28 cards. Gaple can generally be played until with 4 players, which means each player will receive 7 domino cards. Players discard cards in sequence at the table, the first player whose cards run out wins. But to discard the card you can’t do it arbitrarily, you have to pay attention to the value / point on your card. The value on one side of your card must match the one at the end of the card on the table. Consider an example in the following image:

Because the top card on the table has a value of 5 or 1 then you can only discard the card that has that value. Guess that’s how you play Gaple. Apart from that you also have to know the rules of the game, these rules are as follows:

Gaple Game Rules
The maximum gaple game can only be played by 4 people.
Each player gets 7 cards each with a random value.
The first person whose card runs out will be the winner.
For the next round, the player who won the previous game has the right to discard the card first.
If a player gets more than 5 log cards (both sides of the cards have the same value) then the game is repeated. Because the player is certain that they will not win, which is considered unfair, so the game must be repeated.
If you don’t have a card that can be discarded then you can pass.
If the game cannot be resumed (none of the player cards can be discarded) it will be called a gap. To determine the winner if there is a gap, we have to look at the value on the remaining cards. The player with the smallest card value compared to other players will be the winner.
However, if you only have a checkered card of 0 when there is a gap, your card will be worth 25. But if you still have a card with one side of 0 then the block 0 will still be worth 0.
That’s more or less how to play gaple and the rules that are in it. After knowing how to play, maybe you are curious about the tips for playing Gaple that we will give you soon. Here we provide tricks for playing professional gaple.
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Tips & Tricks for Playing Gaple Professional
Many players are initially careless in discarding gaple cards, as long as there are numbers that match, they are immediately discarded. Even though this is very fatal and can make you, who should be able to win the game, turn back to lose. If you are interested in this game, then you must know the tricks to play professional gaple to win the gaple game with certainty.

If you fight against a player who doesn’t know the trick of playing this gaple, we guarantee that you can easily beat them. The following are tricks for playing gaple in a professional manner that have been proven effective:

Observe the Cards You Have
At the beginning of the gaple game, each player will be dealt 7 different domino cards randomly. If at that time you get about 5 cards with the same number then you have a high chance of winning. Example of 5 cards with one side having the number 1 as follows (1 | 0), (1 | 2), (1 | 5) and (1 | 6). Because if you have 5 cards numbered 1 on one side. Cards with number 1 only have 2 left. So when the number 1 comes out, other players will tend to pass because the card is mostly in your hand.

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But try not to cover cards that have that number on the table with our own cards. Conversely, if you can cover the card with the numbered edge 1 then do it right away. Try to keep each card on the table with a 1. This is so that your opponent cannot discard the card and can only pass. An example is as shown below:

In the example above, the cards on the table have ends of 5 and 1. If your position is holding a lot of cards with the number 1 then don’t close it with the number 1.But try to keep the edges number 1. Remember this method, because this is a smart way. play gaple which is very effective.

Prioritize Throwing Big Cards / Balak
If the card you get is not like the example above or is not good, then prioritize discarding the big card and logs. This is because if there is a gap then you will automatically lose if you still hold a large card. Especially if you have logs of 0, 5 or 6, you are required to discard the card first. Because in addition to having a large value, log cards will also be difficult to throw away.

Even though it will be difficult to win the game if your cards are not good enough, you still have a chance at gaps. If you discard all the big cards and logs and only have small cards, the chance of winning the game is greater. Because as already written in how to play gaple above, when the player with the smallest card number wins. However, if it is not possible for a gap to occur, then you must be careful in choosing the card to discard.

Kill Opponent’s Chain of Cards
It has been said above that holding log cards 0, 5 and 6 will be very risky. If you have the card then quickly throw it away. Meanwhile, if you do not hold it then turn off the card. Turning off the card means that the card cannot be discarded again, so that it will continue to be held until it is cleared. Because if logs 0, 5 and 6 die, the player holding the card will automatically lose. By getting rid of other competitors, it will certainly make it easier for you to win.

To kill a log card you have to cover the card you want to kill. For example, if you want to kill logs 5 then try to keep the card on the table not ending 5. Or you can also immediately close the card that ends 5 with another card. This is so that other players don’t have the opportunity to take out logs 5. Even though this technique of playing gaple is quite difficult to do, you still have to try it. Because log cards 0, 5 and 6 have a very big impact at the end of the game. The reason it is difficult to kill an opponent’s card is because it requires cooperation with other players. For example, if you keep closing the number 6 but another player discards a card that ends in 6 then your efforts are in vain.

Pay attention to cards that have been discarded
This is one way to play gaple which is very important if you want to win. Try to keep an eye on what cards the player has discarded. Because if you know what cards have been discarded, you can find out what cards belong to other players.

The formula for calculating gaple cards is actually quite easy. For example, you hold 4 cards that have the number 2 and there are already 3 cards with the number 2 on the table. If you discard the card that ends in number 2 it means that all players can only pass. Because you are the only player who holds cards with a number 2. That way the cards in your hand will run out faster than your competitors. Because they can’t discard any cards and can only wait for you to discard cards other than 2.

That’s the guide on how to play Gaple as well as tips & tricks for playing Gaple that you should know.