Playing online poker now

Playing online poker now

Playing online poker now is the device he uses no longer only uses a PC / laptop and is connected to the internet.


But you can use a cellphone where a lot of users even exceed the current population in Indonesia.


So this tool, which used to be limited to communicating and sending SMS messages, can now be used online poker. Play online poker on a cellphone


But the type of cellphone used is of course not the old school one, but a smart cellphone, aka a smartphone and so you can play online poker, of course, there are criteria and methods.


Now those of you who want to know so you can play online poker using a cellphone, you have to read my article below. Because the judi bola terpercaya I will explain


How to play online poker on a cellphone with a capital of 10 thousand and not make it complicated
But before I start how, there is something you need to know first what is needed so that your cellphone can be used to play online poker starbet99.


What is most needed is the poker application, which can be obtained via download on the google play store or the app store. Play poker online on a cellphone


But specifically the poker application can also be downloaded from the online poker site that provides poker games and is of course 100% free when downloading it later.


So, the first step even though I tell you is to download the application first, which is in the form of an apk file, the method is as follows:

Visit an online poker site using a browser on your smartphone
Tap / press Download the Application to play poker online on the cellphone
Then the download manager application page will appear
Select and the application according to the type of cellphone you are using, if you are using an Android cellphone, then tap the menu with the Android robot image and for iPhone users then press the Apple logo
Then the download process that you are doing will progress and wait for it to finish
Finally, do the install process, then your cellphone, right then, there is an online poker application
The download steps above are from the initial stage when finished and successful, it means that you are ready to play online poker using a cellphone, which method is as follows:

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Open it by pressing the IDN Poker icon logo on your cellphone screen
Then the process is loading and a login page appears on the poker site
After successfully logging in, enter your pin validation number and press the submit button
Then you will be presented with the application menu display for online poker on your cellphone
That way you are ready to play online poker using your cellphone by pressing the yellow button that has the word “Enter”
Then you will be in the poker game lobby, which is presented with a list and type of poker table from smallest, small, medium, large, vip and private, all of which you are free to choose according to the chips you have.
When you have selected the room and type of poker table then just press the yellow PLAY button
Done and you can play online poker via cellphone right away
The method above is definitely very easy and won’t make it complicated, because I clearly explain each step.


However, from all of that there is one thing that is missing if you want to play poker online, you have to use capital and also the name of the online poker site of course.


Now by chance and at the same time completing this article, both from how to download to how to play online poker using a cellphone, here I am using a poker site called

This online poker site, if later used to play poker by you either using a cellphone or PC, the transaction to deposit capital is very cheap, which only has 10 thousand.


And the process of channeling capital through deposits is in many ways, namely through an ATM machine and transferred to the 6 bank account numbers provided by this poker site, such as:

Panin Bank

Or it could be through the transfer of cellphone pulses from the cellular operator Telkomsel, and there is even a new one, which is you can use payment applications such as OVO or Gopay.


So whatever deposit method you choose, the capital is still at least 10 thousand and you are ready to play poker using your cellphone.

I convey this information to you about playing online poker on this cellphone, hopefully it will be much easier and more enjoyable while playing online poker using a cellphone. Thank you.