Judi Esport Di Nova88

Judi Esport Di Nova88

Nova88 Superbandar Esport Gambling
What is eSports gambling? eSports is an online game game that is competitive in nature, where the word eSports which stands for electronic sports means a sport that uses electronic game play as the main field to be played. Through various platforms such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, which enter the realm of various circles of society, thousands of games each year will always be produced and developed. This makes the game an endless consumption. Along with the times, the games that are present are getting more and more up-to-date, not only adults are playing this game, but also young children are already playing this game,


Nova88 eSport gambling game

eSport has a livestream that can be watched by thousands of people where the audience can see the matches broadcast on the big screen from the live streaming application, as well as the players who are at the bottom of the screen. Actually, any game can be competed in eSport, but because eSport already has a large ecosystem and industry, the enthusiasts must be no less. This is done to get sponsors to participate, no wonder why the total prize pool of a competition can reach hundreds of millions. Then what are the Esports online gambling games in agen nova88?


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (M.O.B.A)

MOBA is a type of game that is booming especially in Indonesia. The involvement of multi-players in this game makes MOBA more attractive, especially for young people, especially since the emergence of Mobile Legends in the community. MOBA is actually already popular with the use of a PC as a device, even today. The highlight of MOBA is a team that involves many players or multiplayer, generally consisting of five people who each control one character in the game to fight the enemy team.

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MOBA is also a type of esport game that is often contested and breaks records, both in terms of the number of viewers and prizes. The MOBA type games include: League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Vainglory, and many more.


First Person Shooter (FPS)

FPS is a type of game like a shooting simulation that puts the player in the perspective of the character being played. Only displays the head of the weapon, as if the FPS makes the player feel like he is in the agen sbobet terpercaya.

The types of esport games that are often contested from FPS are: PUBG, Quake, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Cross Fire, Over Watch, Rainbow Six, etc.


Real Time Strategy (RTS)

RTS is also an esports game that is often competed and relies more on strategy for a certain period of time. Players will usually see a large map to find out the boundaries of their territory and enemy territory. This game is a long-term strategy, where you have to build resources to build several things such as territories, buildings, troops, from available materials.

Games that are included in Esport Gambling in Nova88 Real Time Strategy, for example: Star Craft Brood War, Star Craft II, Warcraft III, Clash of Clans, etc.