Agent IDN Poker Credit Deposit XL and Telkomsel

Agent IDN Poker Credit Deposit XL and Telkomsel
Deposits using credit are now available at IDN poker agents with XL and Telkomsel pulses. Because there are so many enthusiasts who want to deposit using credit. In addition, depositing using credit is much more efficient than having to go to an ATM machine.
For the pulse depot variant, XL and Telkomsel pulses are available. Official IDN poker agents dare to provide a list of IDN Poker Pulses without a discount that other online poker agents will not give. IDN poker online agents have a link to deposit credit without a discount.
Intrigued by how and what the credit deposit looks like, Trusted Indonesian Online Poker will explain in more detail below. Look carefully at the reviews Agen Judi Bola Terbaik.

IDN Poker Link Free Credit Deposit

Because there are so many who use the name of official IDN poker agents who cheat the judi bandarq online players. If players want to deposit credit without deductions, then you should first ask the IDN poker agent on the official link.
You can try this IDN Poker site via credit without CUT at 988poker. Because this site guarantees your credit deposit can be played. The way to make a deposit is simply by confirming the IDN poker agent about the deposit phone number.

How to Deposit Credit

The credit providers that can be used are XL and Telkomsel, where these two cellular providers are well-known in Indonesia. The credit deposit method is different, between XL and Telkomsel. Because these two providers have their respective policies on how to send credit. Here’s how to send credit that can be used to deposit XL and Telkomsel pulses.

How to Transfer XL Credit for Deposits

  • Type * 123 * 168 # on your cellphone to start the XL credit transfer menu.
  • Enter the telephone number that has been provided by the IDN poker agent to deposit credit.
  • Type in the nominal you want to deposit XL credit.
  • Press OK to send credit.
  • Make sure after sending credit, you get an SMS notification that the credit delivery was successful.
  • Immediately confirm your credit deposit to the IDN poker agent by including your ID and telephone number.
  • It only takes a few minutes for the credit that you send directly to your ID in the form of a chip that you can play with.

How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit for Deposits

  • The method for depositing Telkomsel pulses is a little different, when compared to XL providers.
  • Type in the pulse sending format * 858 * IDN Poker Agent Mobile Number * Deposit Nominal #
  • Make sure the telephone number is correct before sending credit.
  • Once sure, press OK to send your credit deposit.
  • If you have received a successful credit delivery notification, immediately confirm to the IDN poker agent.

Poker IDN Credit Deposit 10000 Without Discount

The IDNpoker agent provides a minimum deposit received, which is 10000 without discount. Because if you make a credit transfer under 10000, you will get a credit discount. This can be detrimental to the players because the discount given to the provider is quite large, namely 1000 for one shipment.
For this reason, IDN poker agents provide relief for players by bearing the burden of sending credit with a minimum requirement of 10000. If you have a lot of credit on your cellphone, immediately take advantage of the opportunity to deposit credit.
Because this method is very easy and not complicated to send deposits to IDN poker agents. Those are IDN poker agents for xl and Telkomsel credit deposits that you can use when you have lots of credit on your cellphone. Hopefully this article can help to make a credit deposit.

Withdraw not with credit

Here we emphasize being very professional, members make deposits with pulses and then how about withdrawals. Surely many of you are wondering and even worried about withdrawing it. Take it easy, we emphasize here for withdrawing members, you don’t have to worry about their credit piling up.
Because here even with credit, withdrawals are still transferred to the registered account. Whatever the media deposit, the Trusted Indonesian Online Poker agent will still process the withdrawal of a bite of the applicable SOP. This credit deposit is also held to fulfill members’ desire to play if they don’t have time to transfer between banks.
Well, here is our review of credit deposits at IDN Poker agents this time. Hopefully this can add to your insight in playing with the Trusted IDN Poker Site. Don’t forget to also keep up with our other informative reviews.
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