Cheapest Telkomsel Pulse Deposit Casino Slots

Cheapest Telkomsel Pulse Deposit Casino Slots

Credit deposit gambling is the newest way to play gambling that you can enjoy on the Indonesian slot casino site. With the presence of Telkomsel credit gambling, it brings many conveniences for online gambling lovers. So that players who do not have mobile banking or internet banking can freely play their favorite gambling.

Casino Slots Deposit Credit 15 Thousand Gambling Site

To play gambling games, of course you have to join a site that is sure to pay for all of your wins. On the internet there are lots of references to credit deposit gambling sites. But as a player, you also have to be smart in choosing where to play. Make sure you register and play at a credible gambling agent. An agent that provides security and comfort for its members. That is the main thing that you must pay attention to in choosing a gambling site on the internet.

How to Transfer Credit to Play at Trusted Gambling Agents

Before playing situs judi slot online deposit via pulsa credit deposit slot gambling, you must know the terms or regulations. If you play gambling using Telkomsel credit, then you will be charged a conversion fee of 15%. So that the credit balance that you will receive is 85%. Here are 3 ways to transfer Telkomsel credit to an Indonesian gambling agent

Transfer via call * 858 *

  • Call format: * 858 * number to transfer destination * nominal credit transfer #
  • Example: * 858 * 0812XXXXXXXX * 15000 #
  • Transfer via SMS
  • SMS format: TPULSA (space) nominal transfer => send to the recipient number
  • Example: TPULSA 15000 send to 0812XXXXXXXX

Transver via menu *858#

Step: Type * 858 # – call – enter number 1 (credit transfer) – enter the number of transfer destination – fill in the transfer nominal – enter number 1 for confirmation.

Those are the three ways to deposit the cheapest Telkomsel casino slots credit. Please chat with the gambling agent’s customer service for the destination number for credit transfer via LiveChat, Whatsapp or Line. Now that you know how to deposit, now you can play casino slots gambling.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to play online casino slot gambling games too. By inviting your friends to play, you will get a referral bonus. The more friends you play, the more referral bonuses you will get.