In this article, we will discuss how to play the Dragon Tiger Online game, we will also discuss a little how to play this one game. And how to install in playing dragon tiger, this time I discuss tips and tricks for playing dragon tiger. How to get the victory playing dragon tiger is indeed quite difficult if you pay more attention to it starbet99.


Actually, the steps to playing dragon tiger are quite similar to how to play baccarat, but how to play dragon tiger is more valuable and easy to understand. Because it is similar to the way the game of baccarat is the main one for this game, each one only has one card.


Many think that playing dragon tiger online only relies on luck / good fortune if you don’t choose dragon, the choice of tiger is the winner. Not only that, there are tricks that can keep you winning.


Don’t Place Bets on the Tie
If possible, players should never make a Tie bet even though they have a bigger Odds with a 1: 8 ratio. But it has a very small chance of a Tie result appearing. A 30-time trial may only be 1-2 times that a Tie bet is not the thing to do.

Must Have Sufficient Money Capital
Having enough money capital can get the odds of having a large capital player, no need to be afraid of losing. even though you lose at the end of the game the player can return on investment, but the player should not get carried away in the game.


Double Bet
Make sure that each round of the game multiplies the value of the pair on the bet, for example the player places 50 thousand and loses the round session the player must multiply the bet to 100 thousand. Because doubling the odds bet after losing the first can win in the next game maybe the game could lose streak. From there, large capital is needed to double the bet, this trick is agen sbobet terbaik  the same in the baccarat game.



Can Observe the Course of the Game
Players must first observe the course of the game a few rounds in order to see the situation and just guess without putting a partner first, this is to familiarize the player. Playing dragon tiger often comes out with the same results in the game, therefore players must be careful and observant to calculate. For example, a dragon card comes out, maybe a dragon card will come out again.

Be more thorough in playing
You can get successive wins 3-4 times, so there are times when players have to pass the next opportunity. Therefore, players must be able to be even more careful in playing if victories have been obtained in a row, it is better to stop.

Don’t Get carried away with the game
Must have a target limit for winning and also recognize the limits of defeat, this discipline principle really needs to be applied in gambling games. It is better to stop than to lose continuously which is fatal for the player.



In playing this game, you can install Dragon or Tiger and Tie on the player’s table.
The game dealer will be in charge of distributing only each card to the dragon and tiger.
After that the card will be compared to find out which dragon or tiger card is bigger.
If the card that has been opened turns out to have the same value between dragon and tiger then it is declared TIE
Flower / flower motives do not affect dragon tiger games.
The card value is maximum K and smallest AS or 1
People used to play gambling had to join in to meet face to face in one place. But now the technological sophistication of gambling players can be played online, a game that is quite liked by the dragon tiger. This simple game is indeed easy to play especially for beginners it’s easy to learn.

The options available in dragon tiger bets are more diverse, such as Dragon Odd, Dragon Red / Tiger Odd, Tiger Red, the more various choices available.