Get to know the games on the best online poker gambling sites

Get to know the games on the best online poker gambling sites
IDN is part of online gambling that uses cards, poker gambling can be found at official poker gambling agents, please use the poker gambling application that we have provided. Online poker is not something new for Indonesian gambling members.
Since the Colonial era, this gambling has been very popular among Trusted Indonesian Online Poker gamblers, so it is not surprising that the development of the world of gambling cannot be separated from the role of online poker gambling games. Even now there is online poker gambling. Where this gambling can now be played agen poker terbaik using the application.
Rapid technological advances are helping gambling agents continue to innovate to provide better and more comfortable poker games. Evidently, the birth of poker gambling is one of the developments in the world of Online Poker game technology.

Terms In IDN Poker Gambling Game

In online poker gambling, there are several terms that are used to play. Every player, of course, must understand well what these terms are. Because this term will be used when Poker Gambling is played. Some of the terms that are often used in poker gambling are:



Chips are the money used to make bets in online poker gambling. Even though the bet is made with real money, we convert the Agen Slot Online into chips by buying it with real money.

Mix/Max Buy In

Mix / Max Buy In is a term used in poker gambling to determine the limit for the value of the chips we will bring to the table. Even though we have a lot of chips, we can’t bring all the chips we have. This aims to overcome big losses for players.


The term pot is the money or chips that we have deposited into the middle of the table as the bet value we use in poker gambling. The pot that we save can be adjusted to what we want while playing.

Hole Cards

Hole cards are 2 types of cards held by each player. These hole cards will be combined with community cards to produce the best card combination that will be used to bet in gambling.


Call is a term used in poker gambling to place a bet value with the same value as the player before you.


Raise is the term used to place a bet with a value greater than the player before you. This term is often used to make buzz in poker gambling.


Fold is a term used in online poker gambling to stop playing or give up gambling.


Check is a term in poker gambling which is almost the same as a call or raise. It’s just that you can use this feature if previously there were no players calling or raising.

All in

All in is a term used in poker gambling that is used to use all the chips you have into a poker table bet.

IDN Poker Mobile

List of Poker Cards at IDN Agents

Online poker gambling games are played using 52 playing cards or 1 playing card. Each of these cards has an arrangement with its own value. Each player has to make this hand and compare it with his opponent’s cards. The list of card arrangements in online IDN Poker gambling are:

Royal flush

It is a poker hand which consists of 5 cards and all cards have the same type of interest. The type of royal flush card consists of 5 cards, namely 10, J, Q, K and A.

Straight flush

It is a poker gambling card arrangement consisting of 5 consecutive types of cards with the same type of interest. Examples of stragiht flush poker card arrangements are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 black curls.

Four of a kind


Is a type of poker gambling card arrangement consisting of 4 cards with the same value and different interest. Examples are cards 7, 7, 7, 7 and 10.

Full House

Full house is a type of poker gambling card combination consisting of 3 cards with the same number and 2 cards with the same number. Examples of full house cards are 4, 4, 4, and 7, 7.


It is a 5 card poker arrangement that has the same type of interest with different numbers. Examples of flush poker cards are 3, 8, 10, Q, 6 hearts.

Joining and Trying the IDN Poker IDN Game

Now that’s an explanation of the terms in the IDN Poker game. If friends intend to try it now on the IDN Poker Site, friends need a login account to access the game.
Getting login access is not difficult, friends only need to register via the 988Poker Site by filling in the Register Form. Or another alternative that is so easy, namely asking to create an account by Customer Service via live chat or whatsapp listed.
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