History of Baccarat Gambling in Various Countries

History of Baccarat Gambling in Various Countries

We have already discussed Baccarat starting from what is the game of Baccarat, the game mechanism, the tricks to win the game, as well as facts and myths that apply to this Baccarat gambling. at this time, we will speak a little history that happened to this Baccarat gambling. where this jdui comes from Medieval, Italy 500 years ago. and in the last hundred years this was a game played by an aristocrat. And it was in the 2000s that the casino started to appear that created this Baccarat gambling game.

Baccarat, History In Italy

This Baccarat game dates back to the 1400s with a sbobet casino player named Felix Falguive. Where this man gave the name of the game Baccarat in Italian “Zero”. According to an ancient legend from Etruscan, Italy. They took a virgin who later presented it to the gods and goddesses. It is this virgin who has to roll the 9-sided dice with the result that determines the woman’s ansib. and where later if the number 8 and 9 is obtained, then he is appointed as an agug priest at the monastery. if 6 & 7, this woman can still live but may not attend any future religious events. So if it is under the number 6, he must be willing to be thrown into the sea

A really cruel story, guys. However, this is just a legend, guys. This is what makes the initial calculations of the game of Baccarat. If later the player has cards under 6 then the player will still be given the opportunity to take one more card.

Baccarat, popular in France & England

After Italy, currently the Baccart gambling game is playing in France & England where the game has become very popular. This game was once very popular with King Charles 8 VIII and also other nobles. Then, this game became popular among intellectuals in France in the last few centuries.

Baccarat is also very popular in England and it is from there that a fictional story emerged through James Bond, a very famous Baccarat player whose novel was written by Ian Fleming in 1952.


Baccarat, in the Americas

Furthermore, Baccarat is popular in South America as well as the Caribbean. In the territory of Cuba this game is known as Punto Banco and also the game is adapted to the culture in the local area. One of the rules is betting only on players and not for bankers. For this type it is called American Baccarat.

A gambler who has the name Tommy Renzoni for the first time brought the game of Baccarat to the Casino in Sands Las Vegas, United States. Then he created a Baccarat table that resembles a Blackjack table with a capacity of 1 dealer and 7 player seats. And this is what became known as Mini Baccarat.

In fact, in Las Vegas this game is less desirable. However, the Casino created this game as an exclusive by giving a few high minimum bets and also being given a special room or fenced off by a red rope. This is to attract the attention of gamblers. And finally this game can also become a high gambling game where, this new high-powered class can enjoy the game.

The rise of online baccarat

Baccarat and other gambling games were mostly played by aristocrats in ancient times. By doing very high wagering requirements and of course being in the VIP room at each casino. Meanwhile, in the James Bond film he played a game of Baccarat and made all ordinary people want to enjoy this one game. In the 1990s, Baccarat was only available to be enjoyed by all groups. Including society groups do not see the rich and the poor by accessing the Internet at Online Casino.

Baccarat Online has also started to become popular in Indonesia in 2010. Where that year, Indonesia itself is entering the era of High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet. In this way, this game began to enter circulation in Indonesia and until now this game has grown widely in the gambling game market in Indonesia.