How to Play Poker 338A

How to Play Poker 338A

To start the game, the Player must sit in the available seat at the table and “buy in” at the table. Each table has a minimum and a maximum ‘buy in’ value that must be met. If the Player succeeds in ‘buy in’, the Player will sit down immediately.

If there are two or more Players at the table then the game will start.

Game Flow

The 52-card pre-flopDeck is shuffled at the start of each game. Players in the ‘small blind’ and ‘big blind’ positions must place a ‘small blind’ and a ‘big blind’ bet. The value of the “small blind” is generally half the value of the “big blind”. If an ‘ante’ has been paid beforehand, the ‘blind’ will be paid automatically as part of the ‘Ante’.The’ small blind ‘is generally 1 (one) seat after the Dealer icon is clockwise and the’ big blind ‘is on on the next 1 (one) seat after the ‘small blind’ seat. In one-on-one games, the “small blind” is always with the Dealer. Unless there is an “ante” payout, if the Player wants to join the game, the Player must pay the “big blind”. Or the Player has to wait until it is the “big blind” turn. Players are not required to pay the “big blind” if the same Player has joined the previous game poker338a.
After all ‘blinds’ have been paid out, each Player will be dealt 2 (two) cards. The player to the left of the ‘big blind’ is the first player to be given the opportunity to take action and the Player in the ‘big blind’ position will be the last turn. In one-on-one games, the “small blind” will be turned first.

FlopDealer will distribute 3 (three) community cards. From here on out, the ‘small blind’ will get the first chance to take action, and the Dealer takes the last turn except in one-on-one games where the ‘small blind’ takes the last turn.
TurnDealer will distribute 1 (one) “community” card and the game continues.
RiverDealer will deal the last 1 (one) community card and this is the last chance for the Player to take action.
Showdown At any stage of the game, the game will end if there is only one Player in the game and the others have ‘folded’. The last player is the winner. However, if there is more than one Player competing to win the pot then the Player with the best “hand” is the winner. If the competing ‘hands’ have the same rank then they are declared a tie and the pot must be distributed equally among the winners. This happens when none of the highest ranking “hand” competed.
Bet Options

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Check An action “check” ends the turn and gives the other Player the opportunity to take an action. ‘Check’ will not result in losing the pot or entering the game, it only ends the turn for the current action. Players still have the option to ‘call’ or ‘raise’ the next turn. This is the same as betting zero. If all Players “check” in that round, the Dealer will continue dealing the cards for the next round.

Bet Players can ‘bet’ if no one has ‘bet’ before. “Bet” is a “raise” but without a “call”. All other Players must “call” the Player’s bet or “raise” to stay in the game.

Call If the Player has made a ‘bet’, the next Player can ‘call’ to equalize the bet value. If the previous’ bet ‘was’ all in’ and less than the minimum ‘bet’ value, then the next Player must make the minimum bet for ‘ call ‘. Please note that the bet limit may be applied to the table where the game is being played.

Raise Players can also “raise” which will force other Players to “call” the “raise” or “raise” the stake again to continue playing. The ‘raise’ limit may be applied to the table where the game is being played. If the number of “raise” has exceeded the number of “raise” that is allowed, then the “raise” will not be allowed and only allowed to “call”. The maximum number of ‘raises’ allowed is 4 times.

All In “All in” is the action where the player “call” or “bet” the total number of bets the Player has. Players are guaranteed to continue competing for the pot and Players do not need to ‘call’ further bets made by other Players.
Fold An action to ‘fold’ will result in the Player losing the right to the pot. Players who “fold” are not allowed to place bets again or continue playing until the current round of play has ended.

Muck If all the other Players have ‘folded’ and the last Player standing is the winner. This Player can either ‘muck’ (not show) or show the card to other Players.