How to play poker so you never lose

How to play poker so you never lose

Originally playing poker was not difficult. if you are clear about interpreting how to play poker, you will be sure that later you will be able to predict your own winnings. first try to examine how to perform poker games in detail. well, after you know how, then the way to win is playing my version of the Texas Holdem Poker card.


1. Check your Hand’s card.
hand’s card is the card in your hand in the prologue to start serving. hand’s card consists of 2 slips. where the first / highest card slip is your featured card, and the second card is a supporting receipt for the prime card. make sure your ticket is an upper middle card. stretches upwards in the sense that your receipt is a card 9 upwards. & your second card is card 5 and above. if your card is what I suggest, then 20% control is in your hands. do not turn away to respond to cards of a similar suit, and even the approaching slip sequence. for example (9 and seven or 10 and 8).


2. Thoroughly 3 cards that are opened first.
The following is also very important. Looking at the first 3 tickets, try to compare the prospect of possible solutions as long as they are combined with your hand’s card. Is there the possibility to form a straight? possibility of referring to the flush? or there is already one patrol or two pairs? If your card is close to a straight (just dim one receipt to get a straight) then my opinion is a check / call along with the number of soccer bets. as long as your card is close to the flush (minus 1 card) so do the same procedure with a straight. but if you already have one pair, and that one lousy ticket is the second largest card among the 3 slips opened, then you can raise half from your capital playing. if you have two pairs, you can do all in. why is that ??? because the seagrass we raise, the player who is waiting for the alias card waiting for the introduction of the next card will be confused and redesign whether he wants to participate or not. therefore later a character who is not sure about the card will do FOLD. & automatically your chicks on their rounde will shade daftar fortunebet99.

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3. Playing calmly, good slips unhurried.
well this one is the trick I like the most. which I do have a nice slip in the initial unlocking of the 3 prime cards. For example I held 3 of a kind in the opening of the first card but I did not raise. I only follow calls from other figures and if there is no call, all I do is check it reaches the border to rounde 2 behind. here I just want a unique person to leave the raise first, so if he raises, then later I will raise too where I speculate 2 fold with what he is worried agen casino online, of course he will participate and he will be all-in ( mostly like that) and in the end I was the one who won the highest victory. but if you do this earlier, then automatically there will be no character who wants to take a gambling bet with you (FOLD) and you will not get anything – anything. quite touching right? I also know hit like that


4. Play bluffing.
So, if I don’t recommend this one, here is only for experts in their fields. You can do this if you really are officially sure that the player we are opposing does not have a card at all, it doesn’t mean you are doing it because you don’t have a card either. it may be like that, but it is better if you want to do this technique, at least you must have one patrol before passing. this is quite critical because the risk is high enough, the more players who remain active, therefore the more important the risk. so this example can be done if the remaining two people are diligent while playing, namely you and your 1 opponent. captivate – captivate when using these techniques, you can just match the players who act like how to play number 3 in above ..
Those are the tips on how to win on the Texas Holdem Poker ticket game from me. thank you for visiting and waiting for the next update:)