How to Play Superbull IDN Poker Online

How to Play Superbull IDN Poker Online
Recently, IDN Poker released another exciting game, namely Superbull. This game is quite easy to play and is popular in land-based casinos. But for most people, of course, they will be confused to play this game. Take it easy, we will discuss how to play the superbull in IDN Poker Online.
Superbull games are usually played with large capital, but because this is IDN Poker the story will be different. With a minimum capital, a deposit of 10 thousand can play Superbull.
Before discussing how to play, those of you who want to try playing can register at Trusted Indonesian Online Poker. Trusted IDN Poker agent with good credibility, fastest service and 24 hours online.

How to Play Superbull IDN Poker

To start a superbull game at IDN Poker, one table must have 2 to 6 players. This game is played using playing cards, 1 deck totaling 52 cards. At the beginning of the game each judi kartu online player will get 5 cards.
Later the cards will be arranged into 2 parts, namely 3 sheets on the left and 2 sheets on the right. Oh yes, we have to understand first, the meaning of the word bull here is 10. For the arrangement of the 2 parts, the left which amounts to 3 cards must have a multiple of 10 or bull. Only then can we continue the game, otherwise it will be called no bull.
The 2 cards on the right will be pitted against other players, who will get the highest score will be the winner. Supposing that the left side is a requirement to continue the game, and the right side is the winning Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa.

Rating In Game Superbull

To calculate the value on the card is very easy, know this first before you play so that it will be more flexible later. The scoring in the ace superbull is scored as 1 point, cards 2 to 10 are graded according to the value of the card and finally J, Q, and K are scored as 10 points.
Determining who wins and loses is very easy, starting from the highest, bull bull, bull 9, bull 8 to bull 1 and no bull. From this you should know that bulls are 10 and 10 for each side and so on. Keep in mind that if you or other players get bull bull then the payout for winning will be multiplied by 2 of the bet value placed.

Jackpot Game Superbull

IDN Poker still presents a jackpot feature in almost every game. This time the Superbull also has it, here are the jackpot card combinations that apply.

Full House

The card combination is three of a kind and 1 pair, for example 3,3,3, J, J. The jackpot prize for a full house is 100 times the price of the ticket purchased.

Four of a Kind

This is similar to a full house but the cards are the same 4 sheets and 1 high card. Example: Q, Q, Q, Q, 2. The prize for this jackpot is 1000 x the ticket price.

Bull Bull Flush

This jackpot requires players to have a bull bull but it must be the same symbol. Example 2, 3, 5 (heart) with Q, J (heart). The multiplication is quite fantastic, 2000x the ticket price.

Straight Flush

This combination is the most difficult. The player must have 5 cards of the same suit and in sequence. Example: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (spades). The biggest multiplication, we can get 9000x the ticket price.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is a royal straight flush, starting with 10, J, Q, K, and Ace. Multiply 100,000 x the ticket price. Ticket prices in the Superbull jackpot vary, starting from Rp. 100, Rp. 500 and Rp. 1,000.

Bonus Superbull IDN Poker

Besides being able to get the jackpot, there are also attractive bonuses from the IDN Poker Agent. One of the IDN Poker agents with a big bonus is Trusted Indonesian Online Poker. At the beginning of the game, we will be presented with a new member bonus of 20%. This bonus is only valid once, so use it well to increase playing capital.
For loyal members, of course, there is still a 0.5% roll bonus and a 10% referral bonus. There are many advantages that can be obtained when playing Superbull at Trusted Indonesian Online Poker. So don’t wait any longer, register now at Trusted Indonesian Online Poker and play the exciting game of this century.
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