Immortal Romance: Game overview, features and bonuses

Immortal Romance Game overview, features and bonuses

A game with dark vampire motifs based on forbidden love, Immortal Romance will evoke the Twilight saga vibes from its players. The game is a five reel game that has a lot of bonus features available to those who dare to claim it. In this Immortal Romance slot review, find out how to play these slot staples and everything else you need to know.

How can I play the Immortal Romance slot online?

Playing Immortal Romance is relatively simple, and more importantly it’s a lot of fun. Players can adjust their stake and the number of paylines before each spin, and can expect to unlock a number of bonuses along the way.

Adjust your bet amount

Immortal Romance slot playstar players will find that the game handles the stakes a little differently than most slot games. The number of bets that players submit can be customized by simply changing the amount of the coin bet on each spin. Unlike some games, where the stake is made up of a level and a number of coins, this is much easier for inexperienced players.

Number of payment lines

Immortal Romance offers 243 large paylines on each spin. However, instead of having to bet based on the number of paylines you choose, the paylines are constant. Instead your coin count covers all those payment channels.

Winnings are divided proportionally based on the number of stakes. Again, this is much easier than having to choose a bet multiplier and a number of paylines. Newer slots players should be delighted with this aspect of the Immortal Romance slot game.

Features and bonuses

This game is loaded with bonus features. With wilds and scatter symbols, there are plenty of opportunities for big spins. And with features like Wild Desire to turn symbols wild from nowhere, there’s always something to keep players guessing. But every player really wants to go to the Spins Room, where a tiered bonus system rewards players who have accessed the room many times with better total spins and multipliers.

What are the numbers for the Eternal Romance RTP?

Players of the Immortal Romance slot game will love the fact that the RTP rate for the game is 96.86%. That’s almost a full percentage point better than many other online slot games, and does a decent job of getting players at or near their break-even point.

The RTP is a calculation that takes all possible outcomes in slot games and averages them over time. The key here is to remember that these averages are based on long-term numbers, and not one individual slot session. Therefore, players cannot expect to automatically receive 96.86% of their funds back. Sometimes the payouts are higher and sometimes lower to make up the average.

What is the best strategy to use when playing Immortal Romance?

Strategy matters in slots no matter how random the outcome of each individual spin can be. Employing a clever strategy can make anyone an efficient slot player, and give them the best chance of ending the session with a few wins.

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Solid bankroll management

There are many different ways to win when playing the Immortal Romance slot. But just because there are multiple ways to win doesn’t mean they are guaranteed. Therefore, betting too aggressively is still not the strategy you want to use when playing this game. Of course, what defines betting aggressively depends entirely on preference, but these are good general rules to follow. Maximum bets, when withdrawing, can rush your account if you are not careful, although big wins can occur.

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What is the best site to play the Immortal Romance slot?

Players looking to play the Immortal Romance slot will see that there are plenty of places to do so. Finding the right slot site for you to play this game is important. Here are some recommendations from us regarding where to play Immortal Romance. These sites are trusted brands that offer solid online slot products.


Casimba is one of the best slot sites, thanks to its great welcome bonus program. Players at Casimba can take advantage of a welcome bonus which can add thousands of pounds to a player’s bankroll. Apart from that, Casimba has a large selection of games to choose from, which leaves players spoiled for choice with all the available options on top of the extra funds.


Casumo also has a lot of games to choose from, as well as a very good experience for players who want to log in using their mobile device. The site offers excellent presentations for all of its games, including Immortal Romance. That’s why it’s considered an elite slot site.

How can I get free spins and bonuses for playing in Immortal Romance?

Free spins and bonuses are great, and there are plenty of slot sites willing to give them away. Pay attention to welcome bonuses that appeal to you specifically to find the site that suits you best. Some sites offer free spins with the first deposit, while others offer bonuses in the form of funds to add to our account. Others offer free spins with no need for a deposit. Whatever you want, make sure you choose a slot site that has them.

Overall rating of Immortal Romance: 4.5 / 5

There are opportunities for some big payouts in Immortal Romance, and with 243 ways to win each spin, the game is worth more than a player’s time. One negative here is the fact that the game uses generic playing card numbers outside of the main symbol. There is no reason for online slot games to still use that. But apart from that, there are a lot of positives to be had in this game.