Popular Dominoqq Games

Popular Dominoqq Games

The Popular Dominoqq Game ─ Domino cards were originally created during the Middle Dynasty. The era of the Teng dynasty, the king named Hui Tsung. At that time the king was rewarded with a domino game by a warrior named Keung Tai. Keung Tai is a soldier who is loyal to the king. That’s why Keung Tai took the initiative to create a domino card game for the king. The goal is so that the king can enjoy the game.

Dominoqq in Europe has a lot of players. Domino card game is fairly easy. If in China the game of dominoes is ingrained, then Kao Tsung, who has become king, continues to spread domino games among the aristocrats. So that the game was widespread in 1127 AD to 1163 AD Kao Tsung, who made dominoes popular, wanted to remember his father playing domino qiu qiu together when his father was still alive.

Dominoqq winning tips

When you join the table round in the game, you will be divided 3 domino cards. And each player at the table will be divided in about 15 seconds. Because they are thinking about whether they want to Check, Call, Raise, and All In or Fold.

Then to determine the choice of the 5, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your card first. For example, when you have a card value of 8 or 9, then what you need to do is check or call first. That’s one of the tips for playing coins-qq.

all players at the game table have followed the existing bet, then the players who follow will be given 1 more card by the dealer. Now, this is where you have to be very good at seeing cards, if the cards you get are of great value like 9.7, 9.8, or 9.9 that means you are allowed to raise or all in. So you better provide chips or large capital.

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In balak card 6, it is the highest card in domino 99. This means that the log 6 card will consist of 4 cards. And it will contain 6 circles on each card.

Log cards 4

Next is the balak card 4. This means that the 4 log cards will consist of 4 cards containing the log cards or the number of the same top and bottom circles.

Great pure card

Next what is meant by this large pure card is where the number of cards is 4 domino cards with a total of 39 circles.

Small pure card

How to play dominoqq is by looking at the number of 4 domino cards totaling 9 circles. That is what is called a small pure card.

Dominoqq special card
The six gods card means that the six gods card is present if the cards the player gets with the number of circles each are 6. So the 4 cards that are dealt must have a value of six. The player who gets 6 cards is considered to win.
A four-log card means a special 4-log card if the player manages to get a card of the same value on each card. For example: 6 above and 6 then below 5 over 5 and so on.
Your large pure card will be considered a pure special card if the greater than the total value of the four cards the value is dealt more than 40.
Well, on top of some of the dominoqq special cards, there are actually a few more that are special.