Sbobet Basketball Betting Guide

Sbobet Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball is the second most favorite sport in the world after football. Many teenagers and adults are very fond of playing basketball. Basketball is also the favorite sportsbook bet after football. Betting on basketball can be a type of sports betting that is almost the same as soccer in general, where you only need time to learn the team and the ins and outs of the match so that you can devise a better playing strategy.

Sbobet Basketball Betting

On this occasion, we will discuss a little about the basketball betting game complete with how to play and how to calculate it. This is because there are still many players who still don’t understand the rules and how to calculate them, so they don’t want to play. Immediately we get to our main subject;

* First of all you are required to log in to sbobet deposit pulsa with the ID you already have, then click and search in the Sports / Sports section, then select the basketball game. Later you will be directed to the betting market as below:

Sbobet Basketball Betting Guide
In general there is no specific difference between football and basketball for this Handicap bet. The difference is only in the score that occurs, generally football is smaller while basketball has big odds.

However, there is something you need to pay attention to, in contrast to HDP football betting that does not include the extra time round, then the Over Time (OT) round of basketball betting is included in the calculation of this bet.

Based on the game rules in basketball, there are 4 rounds (quarters) in a match. Where in 1 Quarter is 1 round. The explanation of HT / FT consists of:
* HT = Half round, namely Quarter 1 and Quarter 2
* FT = Full round, namely Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and Quarter 4

In playing basketball bets, bets are divided into 2 kinds of voorants, namely Running Live Betting and Non Live Betting with the following explanation:
Running Live Betting: is a bet that is placed when the match is in progress or is in progress, this bet type remains the same as Non Live Betting and for Odds and Vooran it has been set by the game center itself.
Non Live Betting: for this type of bet, it is situs judi bola terbaik of the Basketball Bets that have not yet been played or have not played and there are many types of bets that you can place as follows:

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Sbobet Basketball Betting
• This type of Asian Handicap selects the team that will win based on the odds and voor set by the center.
• First To Score for this bet type is a bet played based on which team will score the first point score.


• Highest Team Scoring per Quarter for this one type of bet where you can choose the team with the highest score for 1 Quarter but excluding Over Time.
• Last To Score which means the player must guess which team scored the last time in the match.
• Odd / Even is a bet where the player must guess the result of the final score which will end in odd or even score.
• Outright is a bet that estimates the ranking / winner of a team for this season / league long before the end of the match or season.
• Over / Under is a bet that requires you to guess whether the final score will be above or below the score previously determined by the game center.
• Race To First 20 requires players to guess which team will score the first 20 points in the match.

* Different basketball systems and rules for international matches
Before deciding to bet, you should know in advance that in basketball there are several differences regarding the length of time a match will last which we will explain below:

 NBA or NBL
In general, the rules for the basketball league in America last for 10 minutes for each quarter. The total is approximately 43 minutes for FT or 4 Quarter. This time still does not include Over Time.
In general, the rules for the student basketball league in America last for 7 minutes for each quarter. While the total is approximately 40 minutes (not including Over Time).
 Over Time
For the extra-time round in basketball, it usually lasts for 5 minutes. If up to the end of the overtime round, the same points have been scored, then a free throw battle will be conducted.

Until here, our article about the SBOBET Basketball Betting Guide, hopefully this information can help you in placing your bets, see you later in our other articles, Thank you ?.