Before starting to play online soccer gambling, there are a number of terms we need to know when playing online soccer gambling, namely: 
Full Time (FT) – FT in soccer gambling means Full Time or playing the full 2×45 minutes of the match. If the online soccer gambling bet we choose to place the FT bet, then the score that is used as a reference is the final score of the match for 2×45 minutes.
Half Time (HT) – HT in football betting terms means Half Time or half time. If Ft means the bet until the end of the match is 2×45 minutes, then HT only calculates the score for 45 minutes of the match.
Odds – Odds is the kei value or value of an ongoing bet and how much winnings will be received if the bet is won. For example, suppose a match has odds of 1.25, meaning that for this bet we will get paid 125,000 if we place a bet of 100,000. Another example of a match that we install has odds of 1.05, so if we succeed in winning, the payout we receive is 105,000 and so on.
Home (H) – Home is the term for the home team, and usually in the online betting table the home side is above or in the position to the left.
Away (A) – Away is the term for the away team, if the home team is always at the top or the left then the away team is at the bottom or in the right Agen Casino.
Voor – Voor means giving points to the less favored team so that the match runs evenly. For example Tottenham Hotspurs vs Chelsea with voor 2 for Chelsea, meaning that Tottenham Hotspurs gave 2 points to the Chelsea club.
We must understand and understand the terms described above before deciding to play agen bola hokibet99 online soccer gambling because this term is a common language that is always present in online soccer gambling games.

Types Of Betting In Football Gambling

Trusted Indonesian Online Bola, such as vegetables without salt, Saturday night without a partner or a moon without stars. I think that’s the hyperbole language that we can use as online gambling lovers when watching a football match without betting activities, especially when competing is a favorite team, of course, feeling empty without making a bet. In a world that has experienced a lot of progress in many ways, football matches are very difficult to separate from betting activities because both of them have a very strong attachment.

The following will explain in detail the types of bets that we can play in online soccer gambling.

  • 1 x 2 – This bet type is the oldest bet type compared to all other soccer betting types and this 1×2 bet type was also the beginning of the creation of soccer bets. Playing 1×2 is indeed very easy, we only need to guess 1 of the 3 available possibilities, namely the home team wins, or draws, or the away team wins.
  • Handicap (HDP) – Is a type of online soccer gambling bet using a voor system between the stronger team and the less favored team. This type of handicap bet is reportedly the type of bet that is most often and favored by soccer gambling players from Indonesia.
  • Over Under (O / U) – Means guessing the number of goals scored in a match. This Over Under bet type means Over or Under a limit value that has been determined in the betting market in a match.
  • Odd / Even – Odd means odd while Even means even, this bet type is to guess the total goals created whether the value is even or odd. This bet type is almost similar to the Over Under bet type by adding up the total goals.
  • Outright – This type of sportsbook bet is a type of soccer betting that selects a team as the champion of a certain tournament or certain league. Odds on outright constantly change as a competition progresses, but bets that have been placed and are declared valid will still follow the odds when placing a bet.
  • Mix Parlay – Betting on the mix parlay type can also be concluded with multiple bets. The requirement to play this mix parlay is to choose 3 teams or 3 matches in one bet value. If only one team is lost then the overall bets placed will be considered unsuccessful. Mix parlay gives the odds value for each match which differs according to the type of match and the team that will compete.
  • Double Change – While this type of double change bet is almost the same as the 1×2 online betting type but with a greater chance of winning because we guess 2 out of 3 possible outcomes in a match.
  • Super Combo – This type of bet is also almost the same as the mix parlay which distinguishes the two, is that if the mix parlay only focuses on football, in this type of Super Combo bet we can place bets such as mix parlay with several sports at once and are more complete such as football, ball basketball, baseball, tennis and others.
  • Correct Score – Is a type of bet that is played by guessing the correct score in the match we are going to play. This type of bet offers very tantalizing odds but will be a little difficult to win because we have to guess exactly the outcome of the match that will take place.
  • Total Goal – For this bet as the name implies, the type of bet is played by guessing the total goals of the two teams that will compete. We don’t need to bother having a team that will count the total goals because in this bet the total goals of the two teams will be combined and made the final result.
  • First Goal / Last Goal – which is a type of online gambling soccer bet by guessing which team got the first goal (firts goal) and the last goal (last goal). If the first goal is scored by an own goal then that does not count at all, neither does the last goal if it occurs because an own goal doesn’t count either.
The points described above are part of several types of online soccer gambling bets and how to play them, Hopefully this discussion can help us and can be an important guide in playing online soccer gambling on the best Trusted Indonesian Online Football gambling site. 
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