The Best Online Slot Sites Provide Pragmatic Games

The Best Online Slot Sites Provide Pragmatic Games

The best online slot sites that have now developed rapidly from the beginning were the discovery of online slot machines. There has been a lot of discussion about slots from history, tricks to playing so that the sites that provide these games. This interesting game becomes a game that is easy to play so that it develops so fast.

Until now, there have been many of the best online slot sites that provide slot games to play. This game also comes from a provider that provides it. Providers that provide the best online slot sites such as Spade Gaming Slots, Habanero Slots, Pragmatic Slots, Playtech Slots, TTG (Top Trend Gaming) and MicroGaming. This provider is currently the best in Indonesia.

Many providers in Indonesia are already used by the best online slot sites, that means the provider has a lot of games to play. This game certainly makes the players interesting because it is easy to play, and easy to understand to play. That is what makes it attractive to players as playing online slots.

In the previous article, there were many situs slot online terpercaya grammars. The pragmatic provider provides a pretty interesting game. Here we will discuss the game and the results obtained in the game. As before, pay attention to many things that are said so that what is in this article can help you play and win easily.

Pragmatic Play Slot

Pragmatic is the best slot provider from other providers because the game is quite easy, especially with the megaways game which now makes it easier for players to win. The games on Pragmatic are almost the same as casinos in general, there are live casinos, bingo, online slots and many other games.

Megaways program is interesting because there is a freespin purchase in the purchase, you can choose according to the freespin you want and the multiplication you get. If the freespin selected is higher, the multiplication is lower and if the lower freespin is chosen, the multiplication of the winning results will be higher. Winning in megaways is not horizontal or zigzag. The most important thing is that there is the same picture every reel. Here are some easy-to-play megaways games known.

Great Rhino Megaways

This game is taken from the theme of a safari park with several animal pictures to symbolize victory in this game. The first game that released megaways was bummer in the igmaing of online slot sites.
As in general, slot games have wild symbols that replace all symbols which means this symbol becomes special. The great rhino symbol wild is an image of a large rhino. The RTP in this game has a value of 96.48% to 96.58% depending on the free spin option on your bet selection.

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Great Rhino Symbol

Note the things that help you to understand winning in playing great rhino:


This one animal gives the highest value to the great rhino because multiplying 6 paylines can get 50x wins. The payline calculation on the 2 payline cheetah gives a 1x win, 3 2x paylines, 4 10x paylines and 5 25x paylines.


Not big like a cheetah. However, the animal that is in the 2nd position of the cheetah is no less big than getting a 6 payline win can get 5x. calculations on this one gorilla get 3 paylines 1x, 4 paylines 2x, 5 paylines 2.5x.


Prizes in the crocodile image if you get 6 paylines it will generate 2.5x. If you get 3 paylines then you get 0.3x, 4 paylines 0.2%, 5 paylines 1x.


Multiply the win for the hyena 6 paylines by 2x, 3 paylines 0.3x, 4 paylines 0.2 and 5 paylines 0.8x.


Bango gets a multiplication of 6 paylines 1.5x, 3 paylines 0.2x, 4 paylines 0.4x and 5 paylines 0.6x

Here there are symbols 10, J, Q, K and As where this symbol is the lowest value of the bango. The game on the great rhino has free spin, to get it you must get a scatter symbol with a minimum of 4 symbols to 6 symbols. Check out the scatter division to understand the distribution:

4 Scatter gets a freespin option with: 15x spin and 1x initial multiplication, 10x spin and 5x initial multiplication and 5x spin and 10x initial multiplication. There is a final option with a random free spin and also a random initial multiplication.

5 Scatter gets a freespin option with: 19x spin and 1x initial multiplication, 14x spin and 9x initial multiplication and 5x spin and 10x initial multiplication.

6 Scatter if you are hockey you can definitely get 6 scatter with the prize of 23x spin and 1x initial multiplication, 18x spin and 5x initial multiplication as well as 13x spin and 10x initial multiplication.

If you want to get freespin easily then just place a double bet so it will make it easier to get freespin quickly. Those are some of the things you should pay attention to because other games including Megaways are no different, which means almost the same.