The History of the Beginning of the Domino Game

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Basically this domino game has many different versions. At first, domino games were known and born in China, where they appeared during the Wulin festival. Actually Wulin is the name of a place that is better known as the city of Hang Zhou. In fact, the word Domino was originally known as Dominus, which means ruler.

It was even said that someone named Yang Chu had given Emperor Hui Tsung this piece of card which was used as an offering. After it was made into an offering, it became widespread during the period 1127-1163 AD. That time spread during the reign of Hui Kao Tsung’s son. The media in this Domino game is in the form of cards in the form of small blocks and there are circles that become the numbers. The value or amount of each card starts from the smallest which is empty to the largest of 6/6.

The origin of the Domino game was indeed from China, not from our country. But nowadays in our country many who play Domino are even more than the number where they originally appeared. Even now the Domino game has been so popular that there are a lot of users. Of course they enter this game to be able to take a big advantage. The income from playing Dominoes can be huge.

Even after that the traders and merchants also played and spread it in Europe. Then at the beginning of the 18th era in the Naples and Venice areas, it was played a lot. So indeed at that time in Europe this Domino game spread faster and was liked by many people. So actually the word Domino is derived from the Latin name, not Chinese. Indeed, at first this Domino appeared in China, but it just underwent another development or evolution in Europe.

The beginning of the Domino game, it is necessary to know as well as an insight enhancer. Domino has the same conditions as other games, even simpler. These provisions are deliberately kept simple so that users can quickly and smoothly understand playing. So that with simple and easy to understand terms it can make it easier for the players.

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At the time of filing, each player will be given 7 cards for the initial walk. Usually, of the 7 cards there are one or two log cards which can certainly make it easier. With this log card, you can make your chances of winning even bigger and you will quickly reach it. So that when one of the players gets a lot of log cards, usually if there are 4 then you are even faster to win.

It has been explained earlier that the origin of the Domino game, which maybe only a few people know about. But knowing how this game started can be very important indeed. Kartika, if you know how Domino came from, it will be easier to win too. Even knowing the beginnings can also be a knowledge and insight for people. So that it will indeed be useful for you if you know everything.

To better understand and master all the things in this game, you should continue to dig up information. It means that you continue to learn and know many things related to this game so you can master it. Of course if one person can master things in this game, he will win faster. So that the benefits can be easily grabbed and felt by you.

The beginning of the Domino game can certainly be said to be interesting, because it has gone through many things. With various developments that make it even more perfect and popular everywhere. Because of this, the origin of this game poker online 77 is said to be very extraordinary and unique. The developments in the game are even more interesting as they pass through many of the countries where they are spread. Of course this game can be spread widely because it is very profitable and even very exciting to play.

That is the explanation about the beginnings of this Domino game which is quite interesting. Because the excitement is very interesting and unique, this game is very popular in various regions. It has even become a top game in some areas because of this huge advantage.