The Origin of the Baccarat Game

The Origin of the Baccarat Game

Surely you know the game of Baccarat, Baccarat Casino Game is a card game that was used as a story in the James Bond Casino Royale novel written by Ian Flemming. This baccarat game is one type of casino game that uses a playing card. This baccarat game is also in an online game that you can find on online sites on the internet. In this baccarat game, there are 2 box positions, which contain the player and banker choices.

In each box, a card will be placed which functions for the player to guess the highest value that will lie on the box. The game of baccarat originated in medieval Italy. The name Baccarat is taken from the Italian word for zero because the “face” card and tens which are usually considered high value in most games are counted as zero in baccarat.

At one time the game moved to France where the game of baccarat was warmly welcomed by the aristocrats. Today, the game of baccarat has become a popular game among high bettors and the game of baccarat is already famous around the world.

The goal in this baccarat game is to place a bet or bet on the sbobet88 casino player or banker position whose total value is close to the value 9. You can place a bet or bet on one or you can also place a bet on Tie (if both positions reach the same number of numbers.

Common Baccarat terms

In this baccarat game it also has general terms, including:

  • Dealer: a person in charge of distributing a card
  • Deck: playing cards, totaling 52 pieces. In playing baccarat, a set of games uses 8 card decks that will be shuffled
  • Chips: a substitute for the currency normally used for betting or betting. These chips are generally valued at the same value as local currency.
  • Player: the betting position that is used to guess the value of the player card that is greater than the banker card.
  • Banker: the bet position used to guess the value of the banker card is greater than the player card
  • Tie: the bet position which is used to guess the draw or draw between the player and banker card values
  • Player pair: used to guess the first two cards of the player cards whose cards are twins or pairs
  • Banker pair: used to guess the first two cards of the banker card whose cards are a pair
  • Fortune six: betting on the position of the card value on the banker whose card is worth 6
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Calculation of Baccarat Card Value

The method of sharing and scoring in this baccarat game is played with eight sets of cards all of which are mixed into a box (shoe). Each hand will receive at least two cards, but no more than three. The first card and the third card will be dealt to the player while the second card and the fourth card will be dealt to the banker. If necessary, a third card can be dealt to one or both of the positions according to the specific rules of the game.

The value of the card in this baccarat game, among others:

  • The card with the image or face symbol (King, Queen, Jack) and the number 10 counts to be worth 0
  • Ace cards count as 1
  • the remaining cards are each worth the number shown on the card.

The value of each hand is the last number of the digits that add up to the cards in that position. So, positions with cards that are 8 and 9 will have a value of 7 (because 8 + 9 = 17) because that is the card with the number 10 and the card with the face image will be counted as zero because only the last digit counts. So 10 will be 0. The score will always fall between 0 and 9 and unlike a game of blackjack that is not bust.

How to Calculate the Value of a Baccarat Card

  • The method of calculating the value of the cards in the baccarat game is
  • The highest number of cards worth is a card that has a value of 9
  • Cards that have the number 10 will be counted with a value of 0
  • Then the Card with the image K, Q, J will also be worth 0
  • For the US Card it will be worth 1
  • Cards that add up and have a value of more than 9 will be reduced by 10 points

In the Baccarat game itself, this game uses 2 cards in general, but there are rules for players and bankers who can get a third card, if this happens:


If 2 player cards add up to 0-5, then the cards must be added to 1 card. Which is where the player card will become 3 cards.


If the total of 2 banker cards total between 3-6, then the banker can decide whether to add cards or not, it depends on the total value the player gets.