The settings listed on the types of sanctions in gambling

The settings listed on the types of sanctions in gambling

Especially from the system of criminal sanctions, which refers to criminal acts by gamblers. In a general rule contained in Article 10 of the Criminal Code which regulates several types of crimes which have covered the main crime as well as additional penalties regarding gambling. Of the several types of principal crimes, among others, contain the death penalty, imprisonment, imprisonment, and fines. And the additional types of punishment include revocation of certain rights, confiscation of certain items, and being decided by a judge for the wrongdoing.

Know the Articles in Gambling

In article 303, it was originally derived from article 542, where the threat of punishment was lower, namely. The criminal is only subject to a maximum of one month imprisonment or the criminal can also be fined a maximum of only three hundred thousand rupiah. Because it has been enacted from Law No.7 of 1974 as stated in Article 542, it has been replaced by Article 303. Those who receive the threat of imprisonment at the latest for four years or also a penalty will be fined a maximum of around ten million rupiah. It means that the question of gambling, the form of violations in Article 542, constitutes a criminal act.

When we look closely, there are several points in these changes that are not the addition or subtraction of the types of sanctions. Rather, it is only slightly changed from the weight or lightness of the criminal sanction that will be imposed on the criminal. In other words, there are laws that only exist in regulations that have added a provision regarding the weight of sanctions in the Criminal Code, especially in Article 303 paragraph (1), Article 542 paragraph (1) and Article 542 paragraph (3). Thus, the sanctions system will not be different from the system contained in the Criminal Code.

Provisions of Law NO.7 of 1974

In the provisions of Law No.7 of 1974, it cannot regulate itself, let alone the types of additional penalties. So, in terms of additional penalties in Article 10 of the Criminal Code that are not automatically enforced. This is in line with and also the opinion that has been decided previously stated that. Although the additional punishment has been regulated in general regulations, according to the Criminal Code system, additional types of crimes are only punishable as certain types of crimes. If in the regulation, especially the formulation that is already concerned, then it will not explicitly state the additional punishment.

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Based on a provision like this it can be concluded if the additional types of punishment are not explicitly stated in a good formula. Therefore, the additional punishment will not be subject to the regulations that have been enforced. Likewise with a formula that falls into a scope. Of the criminal acts in gambling, it is not expressly stated in the additional criminal forms.

So that the additional punishment will not be imposed judi poker deposit pakai pulsa on the problem makers of the gambling. Articles that fall into the scope of a criminal act. Gambling can only formulate a criminal form. Instead of the point, the alternative is to imprisonment or be subject to a fine. This is an appropriate way for additional pindana to determine the real path to go.

At least from article 2 of Law No.7 of 1974 stipulates that there are several types of sanctions for criminals, among others. Article 303 paragraph (1) states that the punishment for the criminal will be imprisoned for a maximum of two years and months. And also fined twenty-five million for criminals who want to get away with the right way. And for Article 542 paragraph (1) the criminal law is at least less than one month and a fee of ten million rupiahs may be charged. Meanwhile, from Article 542 paragraph (2), the sentence is imprisonment for four years and will be fined as much as ten million rupiah.