The term football betting is common in online betting circles

The term football betting is common in online betting circles

With the brothers who have been playing soccer betting for a long time, sometimes the words they communicate with each other are also incomprehensible and sometimes lead to disastrous betting decisions. So, if you want to play online football betting very effectively; then you should be familiar with all common football betting terms like memorizing the school times table. Please join us in learning the football betting conditions that are easy to fulfill when playing on Starbet99 agen bola terpercaya.


Soccer betting conditions are general

The term football betting is common in European cases

The prerequisite is to know the symbol on the table rafters to see where it is, the European rafter symbol is 1X2, the equivalent of 3 doors for 3 match results. Door 1 is the home owner to win and Door X is the unbeatable team, and Door 2 is your belief that the away team will win at home. On each door there will be various levels of money noted next to it.


You can also bet on 1X door when you are sure the home side will not lose and 2X door is the away team will not vacate on the go.

Football betting terms are common in the Asian market

The handicap is the level that the upper team must accept to the lower team and has an important effect to help the match balance the match.


The odds are the exchange rate for winnings and situs judi bola payouts, and Over Under represents the Over Under rate.

The favorites are handicapped and teams are judged by the weaker player to accept and are called underdogs or they will have a higher payout.


When the game is over you compare the odds and know whether you won the match or not, when you win you will hear from Winning full is eating up all the money, and when you lose all bets to lose completely, winning half is winning half the money and losing half means losing half the money.


Additionally, when you watch a match and see that the ET symbol is extra-time, it will be a match in extra-time, usually applied to a knockout cup match that cannot be won or lost during the official 90. minute competition. If the end of extra time doesn’t know who won or lost, the penalty will be a draw penalty.


And for those who like to bet right on the game, they will get used to running the ball or the ball.
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If you want to win boldly and have a lot of luck there is a True Score bet type, abbreviated as true score, which means that you guess the right score of the match, this is a very high winning deal because it is very difficult. got hit.


With the ball, the ball is just a match, no team can accept, so the result of the match is to find out who won the match.

Half draw: means it is a loss for the team to accept, when the match results in a draw, the top team loses half the money, and if they win by 1 goal or more, they eat up all the money. This is a defect of 0.25 pieces.


Half and half results: handicaps on the lower margin 1.25 handicap means that they have to win 2 or more goals to win the bet and if they win by only 1 goal, the top door loses half the money. While the underdogs are very profitable in this market as they only need to hold off the opponent to settle the bet or lose by a difference of 1 table, eating up half the money.


Half 3/4: upper rafters must receive 0.75 remaining for the lower team, they must win by a difference of 2 goals or more to eat the full cash. While the door under a draw or win is enough to eat up all the money.


Football betting terms are common in Tai / samar matches

This type of rafters are based on the number of goals or cards and corner kicks in each first half or the entire match.

Tai is Over, abbreviated as O, you put the door to appear that the number of cases exceeds the listed homes.

Under is the Under in English – U means you see the number of cases under the listed house price.

There are also some other soccer betting conditions that must be considered

The main woman is the outgoing dealer, while the ball is the top league, many players like Europe’s top league or World Cup, Euro. Grassball has a lower league level or a less developed football background.

Helix implies that you are worried that your situation is unfavorable and when you want to place all your hands on the bet, you use it.

Chances are that when you run out of cash on the bet, it’s lighter when you’ve only lost money at one door and haven’t lost all of your stake.