Tips and Tricks to Win Online Football Gambling Handicap Bets

Tips and Tricks to Win Online Football Gambling Handicap Bets

Tips and Tricks for Winning Handicap Betting Online Football Betting – Surely this is an article that has been waiting for you. Almost all online soccer gambling players always play Asian handicap matches or more commonly called handicap games. Various tips and tricks based on own experience have been shared by several tipster to the number of tipster tipster who sell their predictions for this handicap match. What exactly is an Asian handicap match bet? And how do I read it? Below we will explain in detail for those of you who still don’t understand the handicap market.

What is Asian Handicap Match?

Asian Handicap Match Betting Game is a type of bet where you have to choose between 2 choices in 1 soccer match within a specified time. It can be Full Time and it can also be First Half. In the Asian Handicap Betting game, there is a fur term. Fur can be interpreted as a gift / an advantage given by one team to the opposing team who is rated as weaker. Or weariness if it is considered that the two teams have the same strength

In short, in the Handicap game, you are only given 2 options to choose from 2 teams in 1 match. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the handicap market is excellent in soccer gambling. The winning percentage for this game is very high, reaching 50 percent. Where you only choose whether the home team wins or the away team wins. It’s easy, right ? We will provide further understanding of the Handicap Market like the example below:

How to read the Asian Handicap Market

Examples of the Most Trusted Asian Handicap Football Market in Indonesia

Like the picture above, there is a continuation of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE which brings together Red Bull Salzburg against Liverpool.

The red mark on the team is the superior in the match

The blue mark on the team means that the team got the foor

So to read the handicap market above, it means that:

On the Normal Market in the first row

Liverpool gave the foor 0.5 -1 / 0.75

If you analyze the match and make sure Liverpool will win more than 1 goal then you will get a 6% advantage. If you bet 100 rb and Liverpool win more than 1 goal, then you will get 106 rb. But if you lose, you will lose 100 thousand

If you analyze the match and convince that liverpool will win = 1 goal then you will win 1/2. Which means when you bet 100rb then you will win 106: 2: 53rb

If you analyze the match and make sure that Red Bull Salzburg can hold a draw or win against Liverpool then if you play judi bola online thousand then you will win 100 thousand. However, if Liverpool wins more than 1 goal then you will lose 114 thousand. This happens because you are hit by the 14% key. Or Liverpool win = 1 goal then you will lose 1/2, which is 114/2: 57 thousand

Tips to win playing Asian handicap match soccer gambling

Now this is what is waiting for, tips so that you can win betting on an Asian handicap match we will provide below:

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Match knowledge

You must have knowledge of the matches you want to play. Never just play for fun or because of the big name of a team without knowing and analyzing the match.

As in the example of the match above, the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE continued between Red Bull Salzburg and Liverpool. Some facts that you should know, for example, are:

Do you know that Liverpool only need a draw to get through to the next phase? This of course will affect the game whether Liverpool will be a defensive team to only chase 1 point?

Do you know if Liverpool are experiencing a central defender crisis where there are only 2 player options?

Did you know that Red Bull Salzburg striker Erling Braut HÃ¥land was on fire to break into the opponent’s goal in the previous 8 matches?

Do you know if this match is the last match in the group phase where Red Bull Salzburg has to win this match in order to qualify for the next phase?

You should know these things before you decide which team you want to play on the Asian handicap market. The more careful the analysis results you make, the more likely you will win $.

Never play for your favorite team

This is a must where you never even play for your favorite team. The question may arise why? Will you be able to bet that your favorite team will lose a match? There’s no way a fan will expect his favorite team to lose the match. Therefore there will be an inner war if where your analysis statistics counter your feelings towards your favorite team.

So it is highly recommended that you don’t need to play for your favorite team. Instead you have to feel the inner pressure. Don’t be surprised, sometimes some professional tipster or gamblers even admit that their favorite team is the team that makes money for them. It makes sense, right?

Bet on trusted sites

For the Asian handicap match market, almost all gambling houses / online gambling sites host this game. But what you need to know is that sometimes even though the match is the same, you will be exposed to a bigger key on several online gambling sites. This is because they take advantage in order to get more income.

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